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The Tetris Company LLC, aka TTC, is based in Hawaii and is somewhat owned by ELORG administer by Henk Rogers. The company at this time owns the brand name to the game Tetris, in the beginning conceived by Alexey Pajitnov.

Free download Tetris is widely painstaking one of the most popular games ever unconfined, which is reproduce by its mobile edition being the top seller in the engineering. The company licenses the Tetris trade name to video game enlargement companies and destroy a set of course of action that each licensed game must meet.

TTC drew awareness in the late 90s when it challenge to remove every freeware and shareware version of Tetris from the advertise by sending out cease-and-desist letters maintain both trademark and copyright contravention.

Creators of Tetris clones single-minded that the company has no legitimate legal basis to claim rights to any tetromino game that does not contravene on the Tetris name brand name, since copyright "look-and-feel" suits have not position up in square in the past (Lotus v. Borland), and because the letters made no obvious claims.

In August 2008, Apple Inc. indifferent Tris, a version of Tetris from its online App Store. The software author had printed a tetromino game for the iPhone OS without any authorization from The Tetris Company. In March 2009, The Tetris Company sued Biosocial, machinist of the Omgpop gaming entrance. Because one of its multiplayer games, Blockles, was too comparable to Tetris. By September 2009, Omgpop unconcerned the game from the website and reinstate it with an alternate that the developers created, based on Puyo.

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