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Tetris Game

The Tetris Game is the most famous electronic game of all times and has a big impact on the video game industry. The game was invented by Alexey P and is typically listed as one of the top 5 video games of all time in Internet every year for its influence and gameplay. The tetris game remains the most widely played electronic game in history, with no signs of slowing down. The game has seven different shapes or tetriminos : the J T S I L Z and O-tetriminos, which look like the letters they are named after. The key essentials to most Tetris variants are your score and your level. If you want to obtain the highest scores and fastest possible levels, you can create a Tetris Game . A Tetris is the clearing of 4 lines at once using the I shaped tetrimino.

The Tetris game has some variants that implements recursive gravity , a different algorithm which uses a flood fill to segment the playfield into connected regions and then makes every region fall individually, in parallel, until it will touch the region at the bottom of the playfield opening up additional chain-reaction tactics involving blocks cascading to fill additional lines.

Game boy or nes Tetris are variants of Tetris offering points records and since the meter for points is set to only a certain nr of digits, these game's records can be maxed out by an very experienced player. On game boy the player must rotate and stack tetriminos in a way that the blocks form complete horizontal lines and once such a line is completed, the blocks vanish and all blocks above it fall one line. The player accumulates points by placing pieces and succesfully clearing lines. A Tetris Game is scored when the player clears four lines at the same time.

Tetris DX is a variant that allows an additional digit for the point meter and players still maxed it to 9.999.999 points after hours of play. Tetris DX is a game boy color game which is backwardly compatible with the original tetris game boy and features battery saved high scores and two player profiles. DX has a new single player mode, which is against the cpu and features two new modes of play. One is ultra mode and players must accumulate very many points within a 3 minute time period. The other one is 40 lines and players are timed on how quickly they can finish forty times lines of play.

In Tetris DX and the new Tetris Game were added some new modes ultra and sprint, that require the player to be under a timer-either to gain the most lines or points in that time. Tetris for game boy has diffrent increased level of difficulty, faster speeds in the lower levels.

Another version is tetris game that save a records about how fast a number of lines could be cleared depending on the level. The game can be played in more modes, for examle: classic marathon , sprint , ultra, cascade and square. You can download the software for testing porpoise from http://www.trustdownload.com , use the search from the top right to find faster the software.

The next tetris is a tetromino based puzzle video game released for the playstation and is one of the first that uses 3D polygonal graphics in an official tetris release. All the tetris game blocks are rotateing in 3D on the HUD while being saved for future use. It features a new multiplayer mode with up to two 4 and an electronic music soundtrack.

The tetris worlds for PCs and game consoles added new 5 more, while the GBA version retained the 3 piece preview. When the players play enough of that world, more minos are saved. The better the player play, the more minos he will save. Then they will play to create the world into a home for Minos.

The tetris worlds allows you to continuously rotate the block even it hits the bottom , without it locking into place and you can choose to play for an infinite times, though not necessarily to land an infinite nr of blocks.

Other versions of Tetris allows you to play with only Z and S tetrominoes and a very good player can survive without problems over 150 consecutive tetrominoes on this way. Newer Tetris brand games tend to follow diffrent guideline like that the randomizer allowing the player to finish a game with a series of more than seven Z pieces.

Tetris DS uses six piece preview and the phantom piece is a feature that give a obscuration to the shape of the piece. A feature that pause the game was available to the player in all the momment , this was the first new featured in The New Tetris.

New Tetris variant is notable for showing scenic fly bys of the beautiful structures. There are more key differences in the game play from the first Tetris. In addition to clearing the lines, one can form 4 x 4 large squares of 4 pieces to form the blocks. When a block is been created it turns solid gold or silver color, depending on the design of the block a block built from same piece becomes a golden block, while all other combination becomes one silver block. Blocks can be created from whole pieces, if a part of a pice has been cleared then it cannot be used anymore to form the block. When a line with pieces from a block is deleted it will earns even more points.

Another variant of Tetris is Nintendo that has first implemented soft drops so that pieces would be able to drop faster while not lock as to slide into gaps. It has the option hard dropping when a piece falls and he can block in one or more frames.

Tetris Worlds game save records by how fast number of lines could be deleted depending on the level. There are many different modes of play that include: classic marathon , ultra, sprint, square and cascade.

Newer Tetris games have a feature which permits a T-tetrimino to first land, then spin it into an empty T-Slot, clear lines and is known as a T-Spin . The T-spin is a method that uses less blocks than a Tetris would require and the points given are close to what a tetris gives. To set up a T-Spin you need first to create a T-Slot. A T-Slot is any Block formation like that when T-tetrimino is spun into it and any three of the cells diagonally adjacent to the center of the T-tetrimino are occupied by existing Blocks. After the T-tetrimino is partially in, you must rotate it so that it fits completely into the t-slot. If you want to get cascades at once, there is a special method and this is an advanced trick. You can use either S- or Z-tetriminos or both, stack them up horizontally against the right or left side of the playfield, right on top of every other, until they reach about 4 pieces high (or 8 rows) and also use the remaining 7 columns to build an absolute solid layer of ows using other tetriminos, with no holes. After you have roughly four S- or Z-tetriminos stacked on top of one another and a solid layer of rows beside them, then place a vertical I tetrimino on the outer highest point of the topmost S- or Z-tetrimino.

When you play the 40 Lines mobile variant, the bigger the line clear, the more you receive bonus lines that will supply to the 40 line total and reduces the total lines needed. A Tetris alone counts for 8 lines and if you get two Tetrises back to back, you get an additional 4 lines per every back to back Tetris, meaning 12 lines. This means that you can clear the game by achieving just 4 Back-to-Back Tetrises, only 16 lines.

The Tetris Marathon game should be done by making Tetrises and marathon ends only when the player Tops Out . If you want to advance to the higher levels faster, just do Tetrises that are Back-to-Back and extra points and line clears are given as the bonus. To create a Tetris you should leave one of the 10 columns open, build up the remaining 9 columns with at least 4 solid rows of tetriminos and when the I-tetrimino comes, drop it into the empty column for a huge Tetris bonus. For the biggest bonus you must complete two or more Tetrises in a row or a Back-to-Back and the only way to do this is without having any Single, Double or Tripple line clears until your next Tetris.

The phantom piece referred to in old versions, such as the tetris mania is a feature that shows an diffrent obscuration in the shape of the current piece where that piece will would drop with the old problem of misdrops.

The Tetris DS variant brings the metroid-themed catch mode where the pieces still fall downward, but the stack is moved and rotated instead. As the falling pieces bump against the stack, they get clustered into it. To clear blocks, there must be a solid area of the stack that's 4x4 or larger. When this happens, the blocks glow and the music changes. After ten seconds or upon pressing the X button, these blocks disappear and shoot a laser beam in a plus-shape. The horizontal part equal to the number of rows cleared and the vertical equal to the columns.

In the game boy version's multi player mode, two players play against each other at the same time using two Game boys, each with a copy of the game, and a Game link cable. The matches are structured in a best-of-seven format, with the first player to win four games claiming the match. The two players are represented by the nintendo characters mario and Luigi. During the game play, every player can see the other is doing by viewing a meter situated next to the playing field and represents the current height of the opponent's block stack. When a player scores either a double, triple or tetris one, 2 or 4 incomplete lines will going to appear respectively at the bottom of the opponent's field. These lines are only missing one block each one, and are simple to clear assuming the opponent can reach them.


Tetris the game which muddles the mind was originally designed and programmed by Alexy pajitnov in june 1985. He coined the term Teris from the Greek numeral prefix “tetra” and suffix “is” from the “tennis”, as the designer was an ardent lover of tennis.


The designer of the game was inspired by the pentomino puzzle, and he has transcend the technology which resulted in the birth of new era “ The tetris”.


The game consist of stochastic sequence of Tetrominos which is also termed as tetrads.
The game commence with the approaching of the tetrads down to the playing field.
The task of the game is to manipulate these tetrads by skewing each one sideways at right angles, with the aim of creating an horizontal line of blocks without gaps. As soon as it happens , the line disappears and any block above the dissolved block will fall. In due course , the tetrads gains momentum and falls faster and the game ends when the stack of tetrads reaches the top of the playing filed and no new tetrads are able to enter the field.


Basically there are seven tetraminoes (tetrads) which are referred as I, J, L, O, S, T, and Z - due to their resembling letters of the alphabet. Some use the jargon terms such as "stick" for I or "snake" for S. All the tetrads are capable of single and double clears. I, J, and L are able to clear triples. The simultaneous clearing of four lines is referred to as “Tetris Game” and only the I tetrad has the unique property of clearing four lines simultaneously.


The scoring criteria differs for different gaming consoles. Depending on the difficulty and the complexity of the line the gamer clears ,the points will be awarded. This seems to be the universal scoring formula for the game regardless of the gaming consoles.The gamer can control the tetrad fall and depending on the nature of the fall, the drop can be designated as Soft or Hard drop. The gamer can increase the speed of the fall by using special buttons. The scoring can also be awarded based on the nature of drop. Obviously a hard drop deserves a higher score credit.

The first version of tetris was released with the brand name Hatris designed by the creator itself, Alexey Pazhitnov. As the gaming era is witnessing technology revolution day by day, a lot of tetris variants is being launched in the gaming market at regular time scale.


The seventh generation of gaming era have already revolutionized the gaming arena. With the revolution of 3D and special effects, “Tetris” have landed with the special dimension and gaming experience .
The key features includes
High end Graphics
Special Sound effects
More Dynamic moves
Advanced level
Special Bonus
Advanced control systems


Tetris is not a piece of game to have fun with, abreast it has some thing related with the human mind. The game is supposed to have a direct influence over the mind. It twisted the medical world with the birth of a new technological term called Tetris Effect.


Tetris effect is nothing but the delusion of the gamers after playing the game.
The after effects of playing the game long time leaves the gamers to think themselves as different shapes and the ways they can fit up in the world . In this sense, the Tetris effect.
becomes a form of habit. Also some physicians says that Tetris effect is a form of


Many researchers have proposed various theories based on the tetris game. One such theory was proposed by Stickgold et al. (2000). According to him, Tetris imagery is a separate form of memory, likely related to procedural memory
Similarly another researcher Garth Kidd in February, 1996. described "after-images of the game for up to days afterwards" and "a tendency to identify everything in the world as being made of four squares and attempt to determine 'where it fits in'".


Tetris is one such prestigious game to enter in to the literature. The well known Tetris effect is quoted by Ian McEwan, in his novel Atonement (2001). The ability of Tetris to dominate one's thoughts was parodied in the cartoon The Simpsons




Tetris shares the pride of being licensed by the media giant TVHead. Here is the snippet of the Business Wire review released on April 10, 2006
TVHead Licenses Tetris - the World's Most Successful Casual Game Franchise - for Interactive TV; Global Game Phenomenon to Take Center Stage on Premier Games-On-Demand Network


A real time tetris was constructed by a team of engineers and it has even appeared as a part of exhibition on the Brown University's 14-story Sciences Library. The laborious effort of months coding, designing, wiring and debugging was all set to two hours of entertainment for the game lovers . The game holds the record for the world largest
Fully functional and virtually played on the sides of various buildings.

The exhibition got an overwhelming response from the visitors. The daunting efforts of bringing the game in to reality is highly commended. The game obviously deserves the pride.


Many reality TV shows were based on the concept of Tetris. These reality shows has revolutionized the gaming world and at the same time gave a new dimension to the next step of gaming evolution.


Tetris lovers have Blogs, forum and many communities to share their gaming experience.
It brings the global game lovers under one pool.(tetris band,tetris blog etc.,)

The game-maniacs stay connected with the Tetris world all the time. The online gaming experience leaves the gamers a never ending zeal.

The game has achieved a variety of accolades in the gaming world. Though various versions of Tetris were sold for a range of 1980s home computer platforms, it was “the hugely successful handheld version for the Game Boy”launched in 1989 that established the reputation of the game as one of the most popular ever. Electronis Gaming Monthly’s 100th isssue had Tetris in the first place as “ Greatest Game of All Time”. In 2007, Tetris came in second place in IGN’S 100 Greatest Video Games of All Time”



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